Magnum Arcade - The Ultimate Addition to
   Your Game Room.  All the Fun without the Quarters.

Premium Arcade Cabinets for Home Use

Magnum Monolith 2.0

Relive your favorite classic arcade games with the Magnum Monolith. 

Gaming Perfection

Our premium arcade cabinets emulate classic arcade video games perfectly down to the most minute detail.  The Magnum Monolith is also great for playing modern PC games.  From stone age to space age, the Magnum Monolith can handle it all.

80 Classic Games

The Magnum Monolith comes with 80 classic Atari titles pre-installed.  Adding more games to the unit is just as easy as filling your MP3 player with your favorite tunes.  You can add hundreds or thousands of great games to your machine. The sky is the limit.

Jukebox / Media Center

Magnum Monoliths are also much more than just arcade machines.  They function as a full-featured jukebox - ready to rock your favorite tunes on its powerful 4-way speakers as soon as you plug it in.  They are also full-blown multimedia centers capable of playing DVDs, videos, music, and displaying pictures.  They can even do karaoke, display eBooks and surf the internet.  A Magnum Monolith is the ultimate addition to your game room.

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